Our Solutions

Cboost provides a range of high-tech solutions based on the timeless principle of Sense-Think-Act.

Our solutions can measure environments, interpret data and perform complex tasks. Based on your specific needs and use cases, we implement the most suitable technology. This enables us to automate, robotize and optimize your processes seamlessly.

Computer Vision & Imaging

Cboost employs cutting-edge 2D and 3D cameras, hyperspectral imaging, and LIDAR technology to precisely measure and analyze environments. We also develop state-of-the-art interpretation software, utilizing deep learning and other techniques when needed. This enables our solutions to understand and interact with their environment effectively, and allows us to solve complex challenges, such as operating in changing environments, or picking and handling a large range of custom products.

Flexible Handling

Our advanced robotics and automation systems optimize material handling processes, increasing throughput and minimizing errors. By integrating AI and other cutting-edge technologies, we automate tasks such as picking, placing, and sorting, while reducing reliance on manual labor. Safety is enhanced through secure human-robot interaction design. In summary, our integrated approach offers increased throughput and agility, solve labor shortages and minimize downtime — a recipe for operational excellence in today’s dynamic landscape.

IoT, Data Gathering & Processing

Understanding your own processes is crucial for maximizing your business potential. Measure what’s going on real-time and you’ll be able to predict the future, reduce waste, track lost shipments, and optimize resource allocation. Now, imagine having continuous quality measurement systems, without hassle. Our standard IoT systems offer capabilities to measure temperature, track objects, monitor movements and more. Our dashboards convert this data into valuable insights.

Quality Inspection

Off-the-shelf smart cameras excel at quality inspection in controlled environments for a limited range of products. With Cboost’s technology, you can extend these capabilities to complex products in diverse and dynamic environments. Whether it’s organic produce, asset inspection in various weather conditions, or custom items like 3D printed objects or advanced electronics, with our advanced inspection systems, you can readily determine product quality and reduce waste.

Digital Twinning

Our digital twins are real-time digital models that utilize active sensors, digitized processes and a realistic simulation to accurately represent the behavior of a system in the real world. This way we can assess and optimize safety, speed, efficiency, and more in various scenarios. We can also use these simulations to develop staff training programs or to create concept showcases for customers, stakeholders and investors.

Intelligent Industrial Control Systems

In the past, we were confined to PID loops with limited parameters that were often underutilized. However, with advancements in sensor technology and data analysis, we now have the ability to add AI in the loop. We provide intelligent systems that autonomously optimize processes for higher throughput, reduced waste, and improved quality. By leveraging sensors, data, and AI Engineering, we can update your PLC to flexibly handle current and future circumstances.

Robotization & Custom Engineering

Experience the pinnacle of our capabilities with the seamless integration of our expertise and your systems. Our AI and robotics solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, combining advanced sensor technology, autonomous functionality, and effortless control. By harnessing the power of dynamic AI, we push the limits of what you thought was possible. And thanks to tight collaborations with trusted partners, we can tackle any operational technology or handling process challenge head-on.

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