Human-machine interaction engineering for street construction robot

Cboost developed a solution for a seamless operation of street robots

The Strobo street construction robot developed by Street Robotics, a subsidiary of De Krom, needed a fitting user interface for their employees to operate it efficiently. Cboost created a digital twin, developed a wireless controller and launched an education program to improve the usability of the robot.

Key outcomes

The challenge

De Krom is facing a 30% labor shortage within the next 10 years, caused by an aging workforce that retires or has health issues, and the limited appeal of the work amongst younger generations.​

To mitigate this, De Krom developed a street construction robot, ‘Strobo’. But they lacked a fitting user interface for their craftsmen.

The Solution

Together with De Krom, Cboost developed a wireless controller with an intuitive graphical interface for their subsidiary Street Robotics, enabling any employee familiar with a smartphone to operate the street robot.​

Additionally, a digital twin and educational program were implemented to facilitate training and remote operation of the street robot.

"The art of street construction needs to change. With Strobo, our people no longer need to hammer rocks into the ground. Now, with Cboost's help, all our employees can become street construction robot operators."

- Johan de Krom, Co-owner at De Krom

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