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July 2024

Cboost is part of the innovation project of the Interreg Smart Farming & Food Processing program for Boerschappen together with Actitec and universities Vives (BE) and Avans (NL). This project aims to optimize the packaging line within the food processing facilities of Boerschappen. Through advanced technologies and process improvements, the aim is to increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy in the packaging process for improved productivity and cost savings.

June 2024

Cboost attends the annual Vision, Robotics, and Motion conference. Together with KLM, they showcased their AI-powered Robotics solution developed for airplane engine inspection. 

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May 2024

Cboost moves its Eindhoven office to MELT, a dynamic robotics community in a former Phillips glass laboratory. This new office will complement the already-existing one at YES!Delft. 

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May 2024

Cboost attends the Brainport Ondernemers Prijzen (BOP) as official sponsors. With this edition taking place in the World Trade Center of Eindhoven, the BOP event awards highly innovative companies committed to sustainability.

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