AI-powered robotics is not the future. It's now.

When technology needs brains

Robotizing industrial processes to make them more productive. Helping machines adapt to new requirements and to changing circumstances – in real time. Improving efficiency and cutting costs. It’s all possible when technology is given brains – thanks to the advanced smart robotization offered by Cboost.

What we offer

Automation strategy

Let us analyze your current ways of working and come up with a strategic technological roadmap to improve, speed up &/or cut costs to optimize efficiency.

Engineering & deployment

In collaboration with you, our team of highly qualified and out-of-the-box-thinking engineers will build and install your solution, customized to your precise needs.

Training & education

We use workshops, on-the-job training and even digital twin robot simulations to help your people to work with new technologies and get the most from them.

AI-Powered Robotization

The combination of AI and Robotics has the power to transform the world of work in unprecedented ways. Making businesses more efficient, more profitable, more flexible. But also making jobs more attractive by removing laborious, dangerous or repetitive tasks. Our AI-Powered Robotics boost quality and productivity while reducing cost and risk. Above all, they contribute to a more sustainable planet and the creation of a genuine circular economy.

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Our approach

Every organization is different, and no business case is the same. That’s why we start by analyzing your situation using system engineering. Based on our analysis, we mix ‘n match technologies and services to create full-scale solutions, which we can implement for you in an agile manner. We always work in tight cooperation with our clients, supporting them where we can and guiding them when needed.

About Cboost…


With the help of Cboost's AI team, we were able to improve our item picking robot's item picking accuracy from 75% to 99.83%.


- Heico Sandee | CTO Smart Robotics

You are in good company

Here’s a selection of companies we’ve helped with AI solutions:

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