Real-time battery measurement hardware

How Cboost improved the battery measurement process of Landport Batteries

Using IoT technology and embedded systems engineering, Cboost developed the Landport Voltage Sensor (LVS) that measures battery voltage in real-time, leading to reduced costs, less manual labor, and enhanced quality assurance for Landport Batteries customers.

Key outcomes

The challenge

Landport Batteries offers an extensive range of batteries and battery chargers suitable for various motorcycle, automotive and industrial applications. The manual measurement of stored batteries posed various challenges. It involves taking batteries out of their storage, measuring, recharging (if needed), and storing them again. This process is not only costly but also labor-intensive. Cboost was asked to robotize this process. 

The Solution

During our extensive process analysis, it was found that robotization was not the right solution for Landport’s challenge. Instead, Cboost developed the Landport Voltage Sensor (LVS), a cost-effective sensor capable of wirelessly measuring the remaining voltage of stored batteries.

Currently, 1500 Landport Voltage Sensors provide real-time information on voltage, enabling optimized charging planning and increased battery quality.

"At Landport, we always want batteries with a good state of charge available for our customers. That's why we asked Cboost to improve our battery status measurement process. After extensive analysis, they engineered a custom solution that significantly reduces the need for manual labor and improves data insights, while also cutting costs."

- Dennis Schuurmans, Business & Operations Manager at Landport Batteries

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