Our services

Cboost gives you a complete range of AI and robotization services under one roof. A one stop robot shop if you like.

From consultancy to R&D to engineering, we can advise you on strategy, design custom solutions and implement projects that drive efficiency and support sustainability. Contact us anytime to talk about the possibilities (they’re pretty much endless by the way).

Automation strategy

Cboost advises organizations that want to explore or adopt robotics and AI. Our cross-disciplinary and cross-industry experience allows us to spot opportunities and tackle challenges, while guiding you at every step on your journey. We’ll help you define how digitization, robotization and AI can help your business and then work out the best strategy for implementation by creating a tailored smart automation roadmap for you. And of course, we’ll also help with the necessary systems engineering and change management across your entire work process to maximize its effectiveness.

Engineering & deployment

Our engineers bring their know-how – and our solutions – to your work floor. Whether acting as an independent third-party team or working on-site with your tech department, we add our deep knowledge of smart technology to your own expertise to accelerate innovation. In collaboration with you, our team will build and install your solution, customized to your precise needs. Whatever it takes to create a truly flexible smart automation solutions that’s able to deal with and adapt to changing situations.

Training & education

We don’t just train your people to work with robots, we can also help your workforce adopt the technology to use it to its fullest potential. Our vision extends to how AI, robots and humans can work together to bring benefits to everyone. That’s why education is such an important strand of our work. Above all, we can help you bring your staff on board by demonstrating how it can improve their work life through educational programs, training courses and workshops customized to your company’s specific needs.

Reach out

Whether you have a specific project in mind or are simply curious about AI and its possibilities, get in touch for a chat (bot-free zone).