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Using AI and Robotics for more profitable businesses. 

No matter their challenge, our clients benefit from our end-to-end AI and Robotics solutions tailored to their needs. From building AI inspection models to robotizing factory processes, we create best-in-class technologies and guide our clients every step of the way.

Discover how we helped our clients with tailored AI and Robotics solutions!

Developing a custom voltage sensor to measure battery voltage in real time

The manual measurement of stored batteries for quality assurance was a costly and labor-intensive process for Landport Batteries. Cboost was asked to robotize this process, but we identified a more efficient solution. We developed the Landport Voltage Sensor (LVS) which enhanced quality assurance for Landport’s customers while reducing maintenance costs. 

Technologies used:

Developing an AI model to increase picking accuracy and item range of Pick & Place robots

Smart Robotics is a Pick & Place partner providing unique technology and services to automate pick and place stations. With their Smart Item Picker, they experienced challenges related to reflection and refraction. Through an AI-powered Computer Vision Model, Cboost increased picking accuracy from 75% to 99.86%, while also increasing throughput for hard-to-pick items by 50% and the robot’s item range. 

Technologies used:

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