Mechatronics / Machine Vision Engineer

Do you want to work at the intersection of AI and Robotics, developing innovative business solutions while also having a positive impact on the world?

Then this might be for you.

The job

Imagine this: Optimal production. Healthy employees. Sustainable processes. All made possible by robotics… Sounds good?

Do you want to work at the intersection of Robotics and AI, developing innovative business solutions while also having a positive impact on the world? Then read on! 

We are looking for a Mechatronics / Machine Vision Engineer to keep up with customer requests and to strengthen our  multidisciplinary engineering team. 

What you’ll do

Together with our AI, software and robotics engineers, you’ll work on a wide range of high-tech solutions. We often perform these high-tech automation projects to solve problems for which there is no off-the-shelf solution yet. This means doing tech audits, R&D, solution design and integration within existing or custom machine/computer vision systems. Project examples are developing customer-specific robotic applications for AI-driven quality inspection. Creating machine vision systems that detect  objects in unpredictable environments. Analyzing handling processes and creating industrial automation solutions. As you can see, there are many possibilities. 

Your main role within projects will be to (co-)engineer robotics technology and to integrate this into existing and new customer systems. You’ll do this in multi-disciplinary teams of 1 – 8 Cboosters. If you have enough experience and want to lead projects on a technical level, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.  

Who you are

You like working in a young and dynamic startup in which many things are already in place, but in which there is also still lots to do. That’s why you’re flexible and proactive, with the ambition to learn and grow with us. In addition, you have an entrepreneurial attitude to get the best results for customers and projects, with a passion for innovation. Speaking and working with all kinds of customers comes naturally to you. In addition, you tick most of these boxes: 

Must-have experience: 

  • A few years of (smart) industrial automation projects 
  • Better than average knowledge of Machine or Computer Vision technology 
  • OOP programming knowledge in: Python / C++ / C / C# (in order of preference) 
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, Dutch is a plus 
  • Systems engineering / (software) architecture experience 

Preferable other experience: 

  • Leading projects (strong plus) 
  • AI / Machine Learning (very strong plus) 
  • Mechanical CAD engineering (strong plus) 
  • Creating digital twins / simulations (plus) 
  • ROS (2) (strong plus) 
  • Docker (plus) 
  • Experience with Software Design Patterns (GoF) 


  • (Applied) University degree in Robotics, AI, Mechatronics or Computer Engineering 
  • Affinity with solving sustainability issues  
About Cboost

Cboost is a young, ambitious engineering firm and a social enterprise. We believe that smart technologies can be the answer to the challenges of today, while creating future-proof solutions for tomorrow. We exist to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and circular society by using AI and Robotics. 

 The company consists of a highly motivated, close-knit team of about 20 people with different backgrounds and the shared desire to create positive impact. What connects us is the will to use technology for a healthy and sustainable world. How? By enabling new processes, such as robotized agriculture, resource-saving factory optimizations and customized production with IoT. 

These are complex matters. That’s why we invest a lot in the development of our Cboosters. For example: in addition to education and training, everyone at Cboost has a certified personal (external) coach who brings out the best in them. Of course, it can’t all just be serious. That’s why we regularly have different team activities: BBQs, drinks, game nights, sports activities and fun team trips.  

By the way, we’re flexible in how we work. You can come to one of Cboost’s offices, or work from home (up to 2 days p/ week). Occasionally you might work at a customer location. Basically, you’ll work wherever the work needs to be done, with a lot of freedom in between. This can for example mean that you work in Delft for a while to do R&D, help build a new machine in Eindhoven a few days per week until it’s ready to be shipped, and then help integrate it at a customer location. In between those days you can work from home. 

Do you recognise yourself in this?

Since we’re a start-up consisting of over 20 people, you have a great influence on our company. That’s why we really want to get to know each other beforehand. We can do this quickly – we like to keep the momentum going. Two conversations can be part of the process. An assessment and presentation from your side might also be part of the procedure. Do you want to grow with us and create a better world?