Experienced AI / ML Engineer

Do you want to work at the intersection of AI and Robotics, developing innovative business solutions while also having a positive impact on the world? Then read on…


Cboost is a young, ambitious engineering firm and a social enterprise. We exist because the world faces complex challenges such as resource depletion, climate change and health threats. For Cboost, making a profit is just as important as our other big goal: help solve these kinds of real-world problems, by using Robotics and AI. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help companies innovate, and we’ve been expanding rapidly. So now it’s time to grow even faster. First in the Netherlands, then across borders. 

To keep up with customer requests and to strengthen our multidisciplinary engineering team, we are currently looking for an AI-Engineer. Together with our software and mechanical engineers and/or customers, you’ll work on on high-tech solutions. Your role within these teams will be to define, develop, and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence technology by: 

  • Applying machine learning models, tools, and techniques for a wide range of customer projects 
  • Assisting with the collection, generation, and augmentation of data sets 
  • Assisting with integrating algorithms and models into hard- and software components 
  • Performing verification and validation of system functionality and performance 
  • Working with subject matter experts to identify algorithm and model requirements 
  • Staying updated on cutting-edge ML techniques and technologies 

You will work either at a customer location (with the collective knowledge of the Cboost team to support you), from home or at one of Cboost’s offices. 



Of course you are not alone. Cboost consists of a highly motivated and close-knit team with different background and the desire to create positive impact. What connects us is the will to realize a healthy and sustainable world by making smart use of AI and Robotics. How? Think of robots that do heavy lifting or dangerous work. Or enabling new processes, such as robotized agriculture, fuel-saving logistics and customized production with IOT. Another example: AI algorithms that allow us to make healthcare more personal and healthier. These are all processes and industries that we are involved in and in which we really want to accelerate structural change

Yup, those are quite complex matters. That is why we invest a lot in the development of our Cboosters. For example: In addition to education and training, everyone at Cboost receives a certified personal coach who brings out the best in them. This way, we’ll become a star player in the field of innovation, AI and Robotics. 



As our new colleague you will play an important role in the future of Cboost. You’ll help put us on the map within the realm of AI and Robotics. You like working in a young organization in which a lot is already in place, but in which there is still a lot to do. You are therefore hands-on, with the ambition to grow with us. You have an entrepreneurial attitude to get the best results for customers and projects, with a passion for innovation and sustainability. You enjoy working in dynamic environments, equally at home helping in our own informal start-up environment as well as working at a different customer locations, each with its own culture. 

 To sum it up, this is what we expect from our future colleague:   

  • Not perfection, but reflection, flexibility and results 
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in AI (Masters is preferred), or in computer science, computer/software engineering or related field with AI-related courses 
  • Proficiency with AI/ML domain programming languages (Python required, C++ or other languages are a plus) 
  • Experience in developing and deploying AI/ML models and solutions for the machine vision field, and a knowledge of machine learning frameworks and deep learning toolsets (e.g. tools/frameworks: OpenCV, Detectron2, MMDetection, Numpy. Topologies: RCNN (and its variants), YOLO, Cascade, ResNe(X)t, MobileNet) 
  • Because we know data collection is crucial for a good AI model, experience with the following data collection and MLOps tools strongly appreciated (Docker, DVC, AWS, GCP and ML-FLOW) 
  • Creating documentation and (UML) models to support the creation of applications. 
  • Experience with Unit and Integration testing and version control (GIT, SVN, TFS or Mercurial). Knowledge of using branch strategies, creating packages/libraries. 
  • The attitude of an enterprising, positive & proactive builder 
  • Good verbal/written communication skills in English (Dutch and other languages are a plus) 
  • You enjoy team activities: BBQs, drinks, game nights, sports activities and – as soon as possible – fun team trips. 

Do you recognise yourself in this?

Since we’re a start-up consisting of around 15 people, you have a great influence on our company. That’s why we really want to get to know each other beforehand. We can do this quickly, we like to keep the momentum going. Two conversations can be part of the process. An assessment and presentation from your side might be part of the procedure. Do you want to grow with us and create a better world?